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Reading and Recommendations.

I am currently reading Redwall. The first in a series written by Brian Jacques. There are many books I'd recommend. I mainly read fiction and fantasy. I was thinking of making a list. Some are from doing English Lit at university so they may be a bit time consuming (such as Midnight's Children). I have… Continue reading Reading and Recommendations.

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The Classics

Reading classic literature has been greatly motivating. Studying English Literature and Creative wriring has motivated me to read the classics on top of the prescribed reading list. The classics can be inspiring most of the time. Like Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. They can also allow you to see the world in a different way.… Continue reading The Classics

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Q&A with the crew of Women: Metior

Women will be performed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week at Murdoch University. Please take a look at this article which features Q&A with the production crew. I’ll be writing up a review on Thursday’s show and it will hopefully be published on Friday before the next show. Please get your tickets soon if you haven’t already!


The play,  Women graces the stage on June 9th-11th at studio 411. Women is foremost a comedy and secondly a timeless classic mix between HBO’s Girls and Little Women. It follows the journey of four sisters in their quest of overcoming the affectionate moniker, Little Women bestowed upon them by their parents and becoming adults.

This play will keep you laughing for days thinking about the wonders of being a lime artist, dancing and the delights of motherhood. The play also explores the impossibility of dating and the struggle of pursuing a career as a woman in the 1800’s.

Please get your tickets soon and find a time that suits you! (Thursday, Friday or Saturday night)

Event Page

Director – Jessica Serio
Stage Manager – Rebecca Dilley
Assistant Stage Manager – Sean Wcislo
Costume Design – Anna Weir
Lighting Design – Kiah Van Vlijmen
Sound Design – Tijana Simich
Set Design…

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