Mistakes and Maladies

Well I guess I’ve made a few mistakes lately. I nearly deleted my blog and I keep posting when I should be writing things down on paper. It’s not serious but I’m glad I stopped before it was a bigger mistake.

I also nearly spoiled the Doctor Who series for people. I’m anticipating the next series too but I may have let my excited fester for too long. I don’t want the series to loose fans.

If I get sick of having a blog I can always just delete it. I’m the one who has to make to decision in the end.

Mentally and emotionally I’m feeling down so it’s best not to post for a couple weeks. I’ll be writing on paper and word documents instead

Light bulb moments

when inspiration finds you

I really enjoy having light bulb moments. Those fleeting moments of inspiration and motivation. You’ve got to hang onto it long enough to find great things to write about. For me, these moments could hopefully be more often, unfortunately. I do have them though which is good. Don’t want to always have writer’s block.

Having experience writing is probably good, even if it’s just more frequent rather than based on quality. The more I write, the more thrilling and motivated I’ll be to continue writing hopefully.

Light bulb moments might just be me taking nice photos and accompanying them with writing segments, maybe make some memories and practice poetry. Any advice would be wonderful too, so feel free to leave responses once in awhile.

Best wishes, Ariana Rose

Article Series

I have been considering doing article series rather than just posting randomly. Below is a list of 20 series, the last three which I have not decided on.

I have been considering doing article series rather than just posting randomly. Below is a list of 20 series, the last three which I have not decided on. Most posts will be linked to a series or a general update (Writing projects, published Magazine Articles/Reviews, Goals & website revisions). Feel free to suggest a series or which one I should focus on for a specific week.

I will be posting in series 1 sometime this week, about the book I’ve been reading. It will be mainly about the book, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and its relevancy to current events in today’s society.

Best wishes for the Holidays! Hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and New Years. Thank you for being interested in the website and my writing! I definitely aim to have posts more frequently!


Article Series

Series 1- Literature- Top 10 Books, Authors (favorites, classics & contemporary)
Series 2- Theatre- Top 10 Plays, Playwrights (favorites, classics & contemporary)
Series 3- Poetry- Top 10 Poems, Poets (favorites, classics & contemporary)
Series 4- Philosophy -Schools/Philosophers (Top 10?)
Series 5-  Languages & Linguistics
Series 6-Cultures, Culture of the everyday
Series 7-  Theatre & Design
Series 8-Writing Process, Inspirations & Projects (Short Fiction, Scripts, Essays, Novels, Vignettes and/or Poetry, Fables)
Series 9- Preferred Genres (Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Magical Realism, Historical etc…?)
Series 10-Contemporary Issues

Series 11-  Sustainability (Environmental Issues & Sustainable Living)
Series 12-  History
Series 13-Sociology & Anthropology
Series 14-Literary, Education & Psychology
Series 15-Technological Innovations (Sciences, Health, Housing, Education, Communication, Travel etc. )& The influence of social media
Series 16-  Life, Lifestyles & Relationships
Series 17-
Series 18-
Series 19-
Series 20-

Monthly Theatre Article: Murdoch in July

Yet another update… Magazine contributions (Murdoch Theatre in July Article), writing projects, submission schedule and weekly posts/monthly update decision

Metior Magazine: Theatre Articles & Reviews

There’s four plays happening at Murdoch University in July. Dracula (July 7th-9th), The Mummy Rises (July 14th-16th), Frankenstein (July 21-23rd) and Circle (July 28th-30th). I’m contemplating whether not I should to an article just for Circle, I just need to find stuff to write about without spoiling the plot.

Murdoch Theatre- July 2016

On Thursday 7th I’ll be watching Dracula, submitting the review, and hopefully published on Friday. The play starts at 7:30pm at Nexus Theatre. (near Carpark 3, South Street Campus)

Projects: Writing Schedule & Submissions

I have 5 short stories, 5 scripts, 2 novels and 3 article queues (Website-weekly posts, Metior-Non-fiction, and Metior-Fiction) For the short stories, four of them I’ve chosen a writing competition to submit to. I’m keeping track of magazines/literary journals based in Western Australia and elsewhere. The two main writing centres in Perth are Peter Cowan Writers Centre and Katherine Susannah Prichard (KSP) Writers Centre. There is also Writing group based in Fremantle (OOTA), which I’ve considered joining…or maybe seeing if there’s anything based in Murdoch/Murdoch Uni.

KSP Writers Centre
Peter Cowan’s Centre
Writing WA FAQ

The first Short fiction deadline I’m focused on is July 14th for Southerly Journal (Sydney-based). Though I don’t know if I can finish in time, I’ll be starting to work to deadlines while I also study. I won’t be focusing on all 15 writing projects at once, just establishing the forms I’ll be gaining experience in/practicing. Other submissions include: Crystal Waters to KSP and a travel-themed story for Overland (September). I haven’t decided on what to submit to Westerly yet.

Website: Weekly Posts & Monthly Updates

I’ll be posting monthly updates alongside weekly posts on the website starting soon… Monthly Updates will follow the same template I used in this post (5 subheadings). Weekly posts will mainly follow on from my university studies and interests. Otherwise they might feature currents issues, things I enjoy or suggested topics/themes. It really depends on my university schedule and my time management. At minimum I’d probably just be responding to university readings, topics or related issues covered in the units I’ll be studying. (PRO101 Social Media, CMS102 Contemporary Culture and BAR150 Ideas and Identity)

Upcoming Publications

July 7th/8th
Metior Magazine- Theatre review, ‘Dracula’ directed by John King (Murdoch Uni)

July 14th
Southerly Journal- Next issue Submission, Short fiction on the theme of Words & Music (Don’t know if it will be published yet, will keep people updated by using the Coutdown on the right sidebar.)

July 14/15th
Metior Magazine- Theatre Review, ‘The Mummy Rises’ directed by Tim Brain (Murdoch Uni)

Reflections & Discussions

  • I’ve narrowed down what I should focus on
  • I’m figuring out the forms I’d like to write in: Articles/Reviews, Short Fiction, Scripts and Novels. Where to find places to submit and developing a schedule.
  • I’ll be trying to post more regularly to the website, even if it has to be university related so I don’t get too behind in my studies.
  • Any suggestions, feedback, questions or discussion starters are welcome!

Mid-year Site Revamp & Project Update

Site update is nearly complete. Writing projects are being planned (15 projects). Will submit the monthly Metior article today.

Today I’ll be submitting the July article which will overview the four theatre productions happening at Murdoch University in July. I’ve nearly finished updating the website, I just need to update the Services section, consider getting a custom domain and improve searches/coverage.

I’m working on establishing my writing projects and a schedule. I have planned to have 15 project queues: 3 article (Metior, my website, non-fiction), 2 novels, 5 Short Fiction and 5 Scripts. The scripts are mainly for practice since I’m not as familiar with the form. I’ll continue working on these projects this week.