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May Update

Crystal Waters (the short story) is now on Wattpad. It is free and you can read it in 4 parts. I might need to change the ending though to make it fit the style of writing. Here is the link: Trail of Crystal Waters I am working on another short story for a university unit.… Continue reading May Update

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Potential titles

I made a list of titles and I am going to add more brainstorming to them. I will write a few sentences. Then I will make a small synopsis. Then 100 words. Then I will see which titles to prioritize or change. (Search for titles already used) Published: Distant Hearts Changing Lanes Trail of Crystal… Continue reading Potential titles

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Study Break

Its a study break for Murdoch. I made a checklist but the most I've done was on Monday. The rest of the week I've pretty much did nothing. 😦 On Monday I finished reading the fourth uni book. (by Harriet Jacobs) and started rereading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I also did some creative… Continue reading Study Break

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Work it

I submitted my first assignment for this year. It was a 1000 word short story. It's worth 25% of the unit mark. So I'm hoping I passed. I definitely need to work on imagery, description and characterization if I want to get published. The next short story is 2,500 words. Its worth 45%. Which is… Continue reading Work it

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Literary Agents

I am currently looking for a literary agent in Perth. It's a bit early considering Portals of Edris is still being written. I'd still like to get an agent before I get the book published. I have already contacted three. One doesn't do Fantasy and I made the mistake of contacting them by email. Any… Continue reading Literary Agents