History through Film

How does one view film through a historical lens? Can films be historically accurate? What exactly counts as accuracy? I get to watch films for the history unit I’m doing. HIS250 at Murdoch. It mainly focuses on American History. Western film, through to the Depression then Watergate and Ronald Reagan. It will probably be more […]


The steam from the cup warmed her face as she leaned forward, entranced by the text in front of her. She was so enthralled that she was unaware of her surroundings despite its simple beauty. She sighed as the noise in the background increased. It slowly crept to an unbearable level which she could ignore […]


There many untold stories, waiting to be told in the world. A hidden land of dreams and hardships; of love and loss, experiences to be shared and hopes realized. Therein lies the opportunity to live in another culture, experience the morality and love of this world. I am wishing to explore this in my writing from […]

Currently Reading

Trying to read a bunch of books at the same time! These are mainly for university. There’s like 5 books just for that. (I’m doing a history unit on Imperialism and Colonialism) – Burmese Days by George Orwell (finished) – The Origins of the Modern World. A globl and Ecological Narrative from the 15th – […]

The Plane (Jan 12th 2019)

An airplane experience