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Helena’s problem

With a wave the room became visible. It took her a moment for her to adjust to the light. In the left corner was a tv and on the right was a comfortable navy blue couch. On the wall was a painting of a cabin. Unfortunately she couldnt enter the painting in order to get… Continue reading Helena’s problem

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Paint by paint

Bits of paint flew in the air and most of it landed on the canvas. Blots of it ended up on the floor. Her was tyed behind her back and held in a pony tail. She wiped off the perspire with a cloth and dipped the paint brush into a jar of water. She stopped… Continue reading Paint by paint

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The painting

She made it look easy. The painting began to take shape. Clouds formed and offset the grey sky. The mountains created shadows across the lower part of the painting. The grass grew with a freshness unlike real grass. A figure stood in the centre with an animal on either side. One was a dingo and… Continue reading The painting