The steam from the cup warmed her face as she leaned forward, entranced by the text in front of her. She was so enthralled that she was unaware of her surroundings despite its simple beauty. She sighed as the noise in the background increased. It slowly crept to an unbearable level which she could ignore […]


Mary could feel the steam blow into her face as the kettle boiled. She carefully prepared two cups of English Breakfast tea. In the living room her nan sat comfortably in a recliner. Mary filled a special mug with milk to go with the tea. She made her way towards the living room with her […]

Freewriting (Again)

There was something worrying her. The air around her was beginning to become cold. She wrapped the blanket closer to her stomach. Trying to trap the heat it was producing. She sighed and picked up her cup. The steam rising was soothing to watch. She took a sip then put the cup back on the […]