Books of Lillian

She was stuck inside again. The walls constraining her wings. They left no room to move around. Lillian sighed and turned around. Filling an entire wall was her bookcase. Hundreds of books filled its shelves. Plus at least a dozen bookmarks, this was excluding the 6 books she was currently reading. She could remember all […]


An Unexpected Visitor

The smell of earl grey was soothing. Steam came off the top of the cup and into her face. She held in a cough as the steam filled her lungs. Betty made to sip the cup of tea when she noticed something peculiar. It was the scratching sound coming from the window that distracted her. […]


My mother thinks I can do social distancing… probs cause I’m a natural. Anyone have feedback about the Artifact short story yet? Anyways, I’m working on a few stories, freewriting and reading a bit more. I also have more time to study now that classes are transitioning to online. I’m using Duolingo and Mondly for […]

Update (plus thoughts on The Artifact)

  Should I continue the story on here for The Artifact, or make it into a longer short story. They still have not found the artifact/s they are looking for. I have already written about another page worth of the story. I can either publish it as a whole piece on here once i am […]

The Artifact (shorts/working title)

They were searching through the forest for special artifacts. Their team had been commissioned by the Desoto Tour company in order to find objects for their new “historically accurate” display maze/museum. Venera made her way around a particularly prickly plant. Taking care to avoid its leaves… “Ow!” She exclaimed. Where her elbow had met the […]