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Squirrel Business

It was a sunny morning in the woods. The animals went about their day in a daze. Mindlessly going through the same motions. A family of squirrels were sheltered beneath a pine tree and taking turns squirrelling towards the pond next door. One baby squirrel was different from her siblings. She was a shape-shifter. When… Continue reading Squirrel Business

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In Progress

I'm mainly focusing on Portals of Edris (its the most progressed at the moment) and short stories for magazines. Novels Portals of Edris Forests of Arishnu Written in the Mist Children's books Madame Sophelia Acrobat in Devocelene Mystery Bubbles Tiny Seeds Philos of Mayple Favorite Genres Historical Science Fiction Fantasy Short Stories A Whimsical Night… Continue reading In Progress

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Goats and Avocados

Goats and Avocados. (Flash) 1: The Avocado goat. 2: The goat that had an avocado. 3: I was walking down a road when suddenly a goat appeared. It was looking for an avocado. 4. I was in the supermarket putting a dozen avocados in a shopping cart when a goat suddenly appeared. "I eat avocados… Continue reading Goats and Avocados