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The library (p1)

The silence in the library settled like a coat of dust on the shelves and tables. There were only three people in the library. One was obviously the librarian. One was trying to concentrate on an assignment. The third was there hiding from his parents. He had gotten into detention. His hands reached out to… Continue reading The library (p1)

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Sophelia strikes

Madame Sophelia went out for the day. She smelled mice outside the house. She was curious enough to play with it. When she found it she got ready to pounce. And then she tried to bite it. It has suddenly disappeared! Meow? She purred in confusion. It was something she did not understand. Mice were… Continue reading Sophelia strikes

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Work it

I submitted my first assignment for this year. It was a 1000 word short story. It's worth 25% of the unit mark. So I'm hoping I passed. I definitely need to work on imagery, description and characterization if I want to get published. The next short story is 2,500 words. Its worth 45%. Which is… Continue reading Work it

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Doug the dog

It was a sunny day. The leaves fell down every few seconds. The wind blew them into the deserted playground. A gate creaked open from the force of the wind. A dog barked from behind the gate. It was excited. It was finally free! The dog was named doug for some strange reason. No one… Continue reading Doug the dog