Renaissance festival

It was as though they were living during the renaissance. Knights prowled around on horses and men were eating mutton on sticks. There was a tournament of jousting occurring as they were walking past it trying to look for a nun. One of the men jousting was drunk. He was close to falling on his behind half the time.


“Did you buy the ham?” Henry asked Mary.
“Yes i did.” Mary replied.
“I hope it is tasty! What about vegetables?” Henry asked.
“Those too. Don’t you worry. I was very thorough.” Mary responded.
“What else did you get from the store?” Henry wondered.
“A talking cat.” Mary replied while trying not to laugh.
“No really, be serious.” Hennry replied not very amused.

Life currently

Having a chai latte each day is nice. I volunteer at save the children mondays and tuesdays. Then I have university thursdays and fridays. On thursday it is the professional writing and editing unit. On Fridays its the popular literature and science fiction unit that I take. Hopefully I can get used to this. It’s started to be like this the past week so I have a few months to get through. I get to visit my mum and my cat on thursday nights. I have not been able to add much to the blog lately.

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Feline Adventures part 3

Madame Sophelia was getting tired. She was wondering why she was at the zoo when she could be napping at home instead. They were sitting in a tour bus at the zoo and Mary had to hold her because otherwise she couldn’t see past the window of the bus.

“That is a zebra.” Mary said.
“Does it do anything special?” Madame Sophelia asked.
“It farts a lot.” Mary responded.
“Your pulling my leg.” Madame Sophelia said, hoping Mary was joking.
“How do you know that expression?” Mary questioned Sophelia.
“You watch tv too much.” Madame Sophelia said.

They passed the snake habitation and Sophelia got really scared.
They then passed the monkey enclosure.
“Do monkeys talk?” Madame Sophelia asked Mary.
“They don’t but they do have the ability to learn sign language.” Mary replied.
“Do they drink tea?” Madame Sophelia asked.
“Probably not…You wouldn’t be able to have a tea party with a monkey.” Mary laughed.
“Herde gerde…” Madame Sophelia chuckled.

Feline Adventures part 2

Madame Sophelia was at the Zoo with Mary. I guess you are wondering why Madame Sophelia was at the Zoo. She was bored and highly adventurous.

They saw a bear, elephants, monkeys and zebras to name a few. What caught Madame Sophelia’s attention were the lions and tigers. She was in awe of the lions. She wanted to be one.

“They look so chill don’t they.” Mary said to Madame Sophelia.
“What are they?” Madame Sophelia replied, highly curious.
“These are lions. I bet this is the first time you’ve seen one.” Mary said.
“You are not mistaken. Could I take a closer look?” Sophelia purred.
“I would prefer to stay here. I don’t think that would be a good idea…” Mary said nervously.