GC Harvest Season

Cover Revealed

Ta-da! Read this post and find out more about the cover and Kickstarter. The Garden Children series has a second book now! The first one was published near the beginning of the year in late

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Believing the Unbelievable and the Fourth Wall

Fiction requires us to open our imagination, not take things at face value. But is it easy to believe the unbelievable? When things become stranger than fiction. What do you know to be true or

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Kindle Countdown Deal

The first book of my series is on Amazon kindle. AU Ebook Garden Children Season’s Change Ebook US Ebook Seasons Change Ebook – US You can get it for 0.99 from 30th September to 7th

The Garden Children and the Harvest Season

The Garden Children: Harvest Season The illustrations have been done. I used Canva and Shutterstock mainly. I also watched a couple of videos through Udemy. To support doing my own illustrations and for improvement. Check

Loretta and the Tea Shop

Loretta’s mum works in a tea shop. One day after Loretta helped at the Tea Shop. She discovered something wonderful. The Tea Shop was magically whimsical. ///// I have had the draft written and it’s


Madame Sophelia

Madame Sophelia is based on my cat Sophie. Madame Sophelia has been on many adventures. She is also very photogenic. I’ve published a second ebook on Madame Sophelia with more pictures of her. (my cat)

Price Update for Two Ebooks

I have updated the price for two of my ebooks. This is due to it being past the launch/beginning stage. Also because they are relatively short ebooks. So I thought the price should reflect this


Garden Children Book 2 Kickstarter Project

Hello! I am planning to launch book 2 in October. But I am also planning to do a Kickstarter project which would begin in mid-September. Probably around 25th September. The book is fully written and

Book Week Poster 2022 Facebook Post

Book Week (AU)

It’s book week here in Australia. 20-26 August is CBCA Book Week. CBCA= Children’s Book Council of Australia. Books open up new worlds and possibilities. This year the theme is “Dreaming with eyes open.” Each

Book Reviews

Hello, Check out this review of my book The Garden Children: Season’s Change. From Kidlio Mag. Also, I can review your books. For free. Just email me at roseonthehorizon@gmail.com The Garden Children: Season’s Change by

Clandestine Aristocracy (part 2)

Kadira ran her fingers along the book spines in the fantasy section of the library. She was searching for a specific book. At the same time, they were searching for her. As she walked. She

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Ariana Rosenberg completed her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing in July 2021. She writes regularly and recently published a picture book.

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