The Bat Cave

On the second day they went exploring. They came across a cave. They had entered the bat cave. The bats probably had rabies, so it wasn’t the best idea to be going to a bat cave.
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Sara remarked.
“Really? Half an hour ago you were all for going.” Charlie responded, slightly annoyed.
Sarah then saw a bat poop on Charlie’s head. She couldn’t help snorting.
“What should we name it?” Sara wondered out loud.
“How about Mr. Fuzzy?” He suggested.
“That has a certain ring to it.” Sara laughed, wondering about what to name the bat.
“Or Antonio…” Charlie then began to list about a dozen names.
“Please stop. We need to leave before we get bitten.” Sara suggested, getting nervous about all the bats.
Their eyes were almost staring into her soul. Thankfully none of the bats turned into vampires.
Mr Fuzzy was curious about the humans that had visited his cave. They were so peculiar. He was amused that the man had not noticed the excrement on his head. It added to his persona, that’s for sure. It even changed his smell. Mr Fuzzy’s poops were quite smelly. Humans didn’t smell very good to begin with.


June Announcement

Hope everyone is well. Please check out The Adventures of Madame Sophelia and Trail of Crystal Waters. I am considering writing articles. Some will be on this website while I hope to also send some to literary magazines. I am now 22 years old! I don’t feel much different from when I was 21. Please comment on posts you like and give me feedback if you have the time. I’d really appreciate feedback.


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Animals & Aliens

The aliens were nearly done with earth. They went to an RSPCA shelter to look at animals. Cute animals. They bought their version of a camera and took photos of the animals. Some of the dogs were freaked out by the aliens so they barked a lot while others made yipping noises. The cats hissed. The hamsters shook in their little wheels. The fish just did what fish do. They went in circles in their tank.
They then went to a science fiction store and made funny faces at the customers. Most of the humans felt blessed to meet the aliens. Some of them were Doctor Who and Star Trek fans. The rest of the humans passed out, shocked at seeing real life aliens.

The Cats Meet

Madame Sophelia did not know how to react to the new cat. They first hissed at each other. Hopefully they would get along. Mary was worried. She decided to quickly get another two cans of tuna in order to get the two cats distracted. Prince Alexander enjoyed his tuna. Sophelia was not interested in her tuna. It would be her fifth can of tuna that day.

Mary sighed. She had been able to introduce the two cats without too much hassle.

“Thank you for the tuna.” Prince Alexander purred.
“You are welcome.” Mary responded.
“I would like another one.” Alexander asked.
“But that one is mine.” Sophelia purred. Despite her reluctance to eat another one.
“Maybe we could share?” Prince Alexander suggested.
“That would be too weird…” Madame Sophelia huffed.