Madame Sophelia had nothing to do. She was too tired to go outside. She could barely keep her eyes open. Mary was going through a movie marathon. She kept commenting on the movies and Mary did not appreciate her imput.

While Mary was watching Twilight:
“Why is Edward so sparkly?”

While Mary was watching the hunger games:
“They don’t have to fight. Just give them cans of tuna. Then they won’t be hungry!”

While Mary was watching Star Wars:
“Mary… i am your cat. Meow.”

While Mary was watching Black Panther:
“Did you know? Cats are related to panthers. Why aren’t there any Panthers?”

Picnic at the park

Mary was relaxing with her mum and sister at the park. She was having a wonderful day. She then went to open one of the picnic baskets… only to find Madame Sophelia sleeping. Madame Sophelia was squashing the food beneath her. Mary was annoyed. She had not expected Madame Sophelia to join them on their picnic.

“What are you doing here Sophelia?” Mary asked her, waking Madame Sophelia from her nap.

” huh? I was just minding my own business wondering where there was more tuna. I was trying to avoid Prince Alexander and found my way into this basket. Before i knew it… i was asleep!” Madame Sophelia responded.

” Fascinating… now get out and join us on this sunday picnic!” Mary said.

The quartet went on to have the picnic as the sun was setting.

Prince Alexander was wondering where Mary and Sophelia were. He was out of tuna and had nothing to do. He was annoyed at Madame Sophelia once she got back wishing hed been at the picnic too…

An unexpected visitor

Sophelia was bored again. What was she supposed to do? She had been at Mary’s house for nearly 10 months. She had accumulated quite a few toys. She was trying to find a squeaky one to play with. She was minding her on buisness when suddenly there came a knock on the door. She made her way to the door and made a few meowing noises. With no way to open the door with her paws, she made her way back to the pile of toys. A few minutes later she could hear a crash! Someone had opened the window!

What was she going to do? Mary was no where in sight. She had taken Prince Alexander to the vet. She was going to have to somehow scare the hooded guy away. But how?

She was going to have a conversation with him!
“Hello human. What brings to my house today?”

“Oh my jeans! It is a talking cat! I must be dreaming”

“How rude… my name is Madame Sophelia. What is yours human?”

“Uh… George Washington.”

“No it is not! How dare you lie to me human!”

“It is Henry actually.”

“You had better have tuna for me.”

“Unfortunately no. I do not. I was not expecting a cat. I was expecting a dog!”

“How dare you! I am no dirty dog! Now get out of my my house human henry!”

“Okay okay. I’ll go.”

Sopehlia’s Dream

Mary was coming home from a long day of work at the local library. In her favorite blue chair Sophelia lay stretched out, feet upright and her tummy exposed to the chilly night air. She tried to quietly turn the heater on. Sopehelia twitched in her sleep. Mary let out a sigh of relief. She then slowly walked towards the couch. She didn’t make it very far. Sophelia woke up suddenly…

She then began to recount her most recent dream.

“Mice were flying around. Puppets with british accents kept offering me cans of tuna. I had no clue what to do!” Sophelia began.

“Go on! This sounds so interesting.” Mary urged her on. Eager to hear the rest.

“The queen offered me a cup of milk. I had to gently tell her that cats don’t actually like human milk. She tried to tell me that it was cow milk but at I did not believe her. Why would a cow share its smelly milk?.” Sophelia continued.

Mary tried to hold in her laughter.

“Then there was fish falling from the sky but I was wearing an elf costume so i was not quick enough to get more fish.”

Mary let the laughter release.

Christmas in July

“What are we doing today?” Sophelia asked Mary.
“We are having a christmas party. Mary started
“But its the middle of July! It is not even raining!” Sophelia exclaimed.
“It will be fun. I’ll buy you catnip.” Mary responded
“What is this catnip you speak of?” Sophelia asked, highly curious.
“It’s like cat heaven. The scent will drive you bonkers!” Mary laughed.
“I have nine lives.” Sophelia sighed, a bit standoffish.
“Can I get a scratching post?” Prince Alexander asked, having just woken from his nap.
“Possibly…” Mary replied.