Trail of Crystal Waters


Trail of Crystal Waters (a science fiction short story)

Crystal Waters

Here is the synopsis for the short story, ‘Trail of Crystal Waters’:

Something lives in the water of Celestial Lakes. Growing in strength over the years until it has developed a form of sentience. Now the water is attacking anything that comes too close. With tourists being attacked at the popular destination, the Desoto Tour Company is forced into closing the Lake resort for ethical reasons. Driven by the loss of revenue, they desperately need to find a way of making the lake safe again. Two scientists, Clarence and Sarah are sent to observe the lake and investigate its mysterious qualities. Will they be able to neutralise the water or will the lake’s inhabitants prevent it? Will Clarence and Sarah make it back alive?

My first core unit in my English and Creative Writing Major was a creative writing unit (EGL121). For my major writing piece (45%)I decided to write a Science fiction short story. It also happens to be influenced by my fascination for all things Doctor Who!