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Squirrel Business

It was a sunny morning in the woods. The animals went about their day in a daze. Mindlessly going through the same motions. A family of squirrels were sheltered beneath a pine tree and taking turns squirrelling towards the pond next door. One baby squirrel was different from her siblings. She was a shape-shifter. When… Continue reading Squirrel Business

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Helena’s problem

With a wave the room became visible. It took her a moment for her to adjust to the light. In the left corner was a tv and on the right was a comfortable navy blue couch. On the wall was a painting of a cabin. Unfortunately she couldnt enter the painting in order to get… Continue reading Helena’s problem

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Wattpad Story 1: Crystal Waters

I have published Crystal Waters on Wattpad in four parts. Tell me what you think! I have not been able to take it off kobo cause its enrolled in Kobo Plus. I have taken it off Kindle since it wasn't being read. Please take a look! Trail of Crystal Waters Part 1: The River Part… Continue reading Wattpad Story 1: Crystal Waters

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Potential titles

I made a list of titles and I am going to add more brainstorming to them. I will write a few sentences. Then I will make a small synopsis. Then 100 words. Then I will see which titles to prioritize or change. (Search for titles already used) Published: Distant Hearts Changing Lanes Trail of Crystal… Continue reading Potential titles

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The Clandestine Aristocracy

Kadira was once again taking solace in the ancient library of the Clandestine Aristocracy. Her mind still wracked with guilt and her soul onslaught by emotional turmoil that she dared not share with anyone but herself. Kadira had finally decided to recognize that there were others in her position, though she had tried to ignore… Continue reading The Clandestine Aristocracy