An uncertain future

She stared at the last dregs of the tea. Trying to interpret the shapes it formed on the bottom of her cup. She sighed, unable to discern what the future held. Then she noticed a redness at the edge of her vision. Was it her meds? Were they not working? She opened the mystics book. […]

Midnight Painting

It felt like no time had passed. Her hand grew shaky as it stroked the brush against the canvas. Helena could feel her eyes drooping. It was passed midnight and the faint light from the moon drifted into the shed from the cracks in the walls. She had an exhibition due to open in the […]

Catsitting again

I’ve been catsitting for the last two weeks! She’s been well behaved most of the time but she ended up on the roof one evening. It took her a while to find a way down! There’s also been a fly in the house and she doesn’t pay it much attention… considering she’s a cat. (Confusing […]