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Helena’s Gallery

Helena was tired. During the day she was an artist, while at night she fights against crime.

She was starting to get annoyed. She just wanted to be left alone! The suburban lifestyle did not agree with her. There had to be a better way to live.

She felt so run down lately that her artwork began to look like something someone from kindergarten would do. Stick figures and everything. Blobs of color. She easily got frustrated. How was she going to produce quality artwork?

There was going to be an art gallery in a month. She was hoping to enter one of her pieces to the gallery. It would be embarrassing if she sent in substandard pieces. She needed to improve before she sent anything in.

No one would look at her the same way if she sent in her current artwork. They would laugh at het at this rate.

Maybe she could draw a cat. That would be cool. Lots of cats of different colors, breeds and sizes.

She was running out of options. Helena was going to have to make a decision soon…

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