Writing Projects



As I explore the different types of writing I hope to develop my writing skills and find what I excel at the most. I’m sure I’ll improve over time.

I have plenty of ideas waiting to be developed in my Writing Portfolio (incomplete). Besides two short stories and one novel, I have about ten ideas at stage 1 development. Plus a word document of other potential ideas as they are thought of.


  1. Short Fiction: 5 short stories, 1 being revised for submission
  2. Topical Stories
  3.  Nonfiction & Creative Nonfiction
  4. Novels (long term projectsupd/excerpts)
  5. Book Club: Creative Responses & Reviews


6 Stages of Writing Development

Stage 1: Pre-Writing/development (brainstorming, outline, rough draft, strengthening specific writing elements)

Stage 2: Draft 1 (plus rewriting & revising)

Stage 3: Draft 2 (plus rewriting & revising)

Stage 4: Draft 3: (plus revising, proofreading & editing)

Stage 5: Final Draft (plus line-editing/polishing)

Stage 6: Finished in Portfolio= submitted to be potentially published

Publications Page: Uploaded to the website= summary & link to original publication