Writing Projects


Currently, I have the short story ‘Trail of Crystal Waters’ (Project 1: Science Fiction) at stage 4. My short story ‘Distant Hearts’ (Travel/Fantasy) is a rough draft and nearly at stage 1.

The rest are only ideas at stage 1 development (ideas/brainstorming). At this stage, I have four novel ideas and I plan to brainstorm ideas for play/screen scripts. I also have room for ideas/stories inspired by my University electives.

I have organized a project ordering system for my Writing file (one from Office Works). There are 10 projects (categories) and 6 stages of development. This is mainly for personal use to keep track of my projects. For me it works to organize them and go through three draft revisions. This may not work for you, but it may help you develop your own writing processes. I’ve learned that there’s more rewriting involved than writing.

Stages 1-6

Stage 1: Prewriting development (i.e. idea combinations, brainstorming, segments, outline, rough draft, strengthen/story elements etc.)

Stage 2: Draft #1 (plus rewriting A: Revising)

Stage 3:  Draft #2 (plus Rewriting B: Revising)

Stage 4: Draft #3 (plus Rewriting C: Revising, Rewriting D: Proofreading, Rewriting E: Editing)

Stage 5: Final Draft

Stage 6: Submit finished story/script (Find opportunities/publishing/blog)

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