Short Scripts


Scripts that are short term projects will be between 2 minutes to 5 minutes long (2-15 pages…)

These I decided can be on the website without me trying to submit them for publication. (Cause they are mainly for practice). The good ones I’ll consider using at Murdoch Nexus Theatre and workshopping them.

  • Short-Play scripts
  • Short Film scripts
  • Mini television episodes (television doesn’t really inspire me unless it is from BBC, SBS, a documentary or about The Arts weirdly enough. So these will be infrequent for awhile.) I’d have to be able to write lots under pressure if employed by a Television company and for 30-45 minute episodes…

I need as much practise as I can and right now longer scripts seem a bit daunting without being experienced in writing scripts or the production elements.

Scripts: (titles)

  • Eroded [Current script project]
  • Tree House for Rent
  • Spinning Webs

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