The Bat Cave

On the second day they went exploring. They came across a cave. They had entered the bat cave. The bats probably had rabies, so it wasn’t the best idea to be going to a bat cave.
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Sara remarked.
“Really? Half an hour ago you were all for going.” Charlie responded, slightly annoyed.
Sarah then saw a bat poop on Charlie’s head. She couldn’t help snorting.
“What should we name it?” Sara wondered out loud.
“How about Mr. Fuzzy?” He suggested.
“That has a certain ring to it.” Sara laughed, wondering about what to name the bat.
“Or Antonio…” Charlie then began to list about a dozen names.
“Please stop. We need to leave before we get bitten.” Sara suggested, getting nervous about all the bats.
Their eyes were almost staring into her soul. Thankfully none of the bats turned into vampires.
Mr Fuzzy was curious about the humans that had visited his cave. They were so peculiar. He was amused that the man had not noticed the excrement on his head. It added to his persona, that’s for sure. It even changed his smell. Mr Fuzzy’s poops were quite smelly. Humans didn’t smell very good to begin with.

Tea for cats

“It’s time for tea Sophie!” said Mary.

“Already?” replied Sophie.

“Of course. It’s always tea time.” Mary responded.

“Well I’m sick of tea. I’m a cat. Cat’s don’t like tea.”

“Who’s to say cats don’t like tea?” Mary asked, somewhat confused.

“Cats have refined taste if I do say so.”

“Well I guess you have an opinion.”

“I do” Sophie replied with confidence.




That smell

It was mysterious smell that provoked the senses. It was difficult to tell where it had originated. Nothing could make sense, nothing smelled so bad as this one smell. A putrid smell. Where was it coming from, why could it not go away?

I now knew where it was it was coming from. The cat, no wait, my mother. Which one would be worse?


Calling all Cats

Calling all cats to attend a meeting! It’s time to see which cat can be the star of a children’s book. Too many to choose! Calling cats to be cute too. Of course Sophie wins. She’s my cat, and a cute one as well. Great that I did not have to look too far. Sophie will be the focus for a children’s book and she won’t even have to act like a cat… because she already is one! Brilliant I say, good show!