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Another Visit

They were in the car. The cats were getting on each other’s nerves. Mary could barely stand their bickering. Soon they had arrived in the carpark in front of the vet. Mary got them both out. They were surrounded by dogs in the reception area. The cats decided to stay inside their cage as it… Continue reading Another Visit

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Marys realisation

"Meow..." "Meow..." "Sophelia! I got tuna!" Mary sang. "Purrr..." said Madame Sophelia. "What happened? You could talk!" Mary sighed. "Meow?" Madame Sophelia said in confusion. Mary began to cry. What if she had lost her powers? "Whats the matter?" Madame Sophelia asked. "Oh i had the most horrible realisation." Mary began. "Continue..." said sophelia intrigued.… Continue reading Marys realisation

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Babies and Avocados (p1)

"Blah, Blah." The baby gurgled. "How cute!" The girl sighed. The baby tilted its head. "Blah?" It asked. "Would you like some Avocado?" The girl asked. "Sure. It is purple or green?" The baby replied. The girl freaked out! The girl's hand went to her mouth to block her gasp. "Oh, did I shock you?"… Continue reading Babies and Avocados (p1)