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Babies and Avocados (p1)

"Blah, Blah." The baby gurgled. "How cute!" The girl sighed. The baby tilted its head. "Blah?" It asked. "Would you like some Avocado?" The girl asked. "Sure. It is purple or green?" The baby replied. The girl freaked out! The girl's hand went to her mouth to block her gasp. "Oh, did I shock you?"… Continue reading Babies and Avocados (p1)

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Freewriting (Again)

There was something worrying her. The air around her was beginning to become cold. She wrapped the blanket closer to her stomach. Trying to trap the heat it was producing. She sighed and picked up her cup. The steam rising was soothing to watch. She took a sip then put the cup back on the… Continue reading Freewriting (Again)