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Weekly Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Major changes or events (like me travelling and being unable to post or be contacted)
  • Upcoming posts
  • Project updates
  • Theatre (play) productions


June 6th 2016 update

In this announcement I’ll be going over my plans for the month in regards to writing and publishing on the website. I’d also like to mention here for people living in Perth that I’ll be reviewing plays at Murdoch University if you are interested in seeing the plays and/or reading my reviews on METIOR magazine.

Weekly Posts & Updates

I have decided that it is better to post on the website weekly instead of daily. This is due to the quantity of updates readers would receive, the lack of good quality posts and the unrealistic expectations I’ve placed on myself.

As I’m a university student, I have studying, family and other commitments. Adding to the website daily hasn’t work well. (the foot/bottom calendar displays post frequency) Especially if I’m stressing to find something to write about. I’ll still be building the website up, not rushing it will make the foundation more endurable and steady.

Writing and Website Goals

As this website is mainly for my writing, It’s preferable to have time to write good length/quality stories and articles.  I have made daily, weekly and monthly writing goals.

Daily goals:  Write with prompts, themes or topics and focus on writing projects.

Weekly goals: Add longer posts to the website that have an actual focus and update the website.

Monthly goals: For publications, Focus on monthly calendars for submission deadlines.(magazines, competitions, awards and other opportunities)

Check the Countdown on the right for monthly Publication update notices