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Check this page and the Site Updates page for important information, updates and the purpose/goals of the website.

Please feel free to navigate the site for what you would like to read/whatever interests you. To be kept up to date, click on Site Updates for site updates and upcoming events. The countdown on the right may also help with staying informed about upcoming publications.

The Publications page will list where my writing has been published.  In February, one of my short stories, Changing Lanes was published in the Murdoch University magazine, METIOR.

Publications page

Goals & Plans

I’m currently creating a monthly calendar to track submission opportunities. I’ll update the Publications page monthly/when my short stories or articles get published. I’ll also select a few writing competitions to focus on.

About Me

I am a second-year university student aspiring to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I have made a few goals for the year (daily, weekly and monthly goals) to guide my progress. It’s another matter of actually implementing my planning. Hopefully my writing will continue to be published in journals and magazines. I enjoy writing, reading and singing.

Purpose of the website:

The website will feature where my writing has been published, updates on my writing projects and articles/blog posts. Sometimes I’ll also post short stories, though I’d prefer to get them submitted to writing competitions/published in a magazine first. (If it’s of good quality)

I aim to update the website weekly and maintain a daily writing routine for my Writing projects.  Usually I’ll only post weekly to the website as I need to focus on longer stories and my university studies. (quality rather than quantity)

Hopefully in the process, I can improve other’s lives, offer support and help them realize their life purpose.


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