Projects (Main List)


Writing Projects

    • 0 Articles (Queue) for: Metior (reviews), Other(?)
    • Short Fiction (queue): I’m aiming to get the first drafts of these Short Stories up to 1,000 words min. Then I can focus on lengthening/revising specifically for Writing Competitions and published in Magazines. (Such as: Metior Magazine print edition)
    • Trail of Crystal Waters
    • Tasty Shoes
    • Painting Glass
    • Distant Hearts


  • 3 Novels in Progress: 1 Fantasy, 1 Speculative Fiction
  • Portals of Edris
  • That Carrot Ate My Face
  • Mirror in the Rock

Theatre Projects

  • 2 Scripts in Progress: Eroded (Science Fiction/Fantasy), Across the Pond (Environmental)
  • (Categories:  Science Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary Issues/Awareness, Musicals, Experimental, ?)
  • Theatre Training: Production Training Program at Nexus Theatre (on hold)