Catsitting again

I've been catsitting for the last two weeks! She's been well behaved most of the time but she ended up on the roof one evening. It took her a while to find a way down! There's also been a fly in the house and she doesn't pay it much attention... considering she's a cat. (Confusing [...]

Charles meets Karl

Charles was is working late that night. He works at a Department store in the city so it takes him about an hour to get home. Hed not heard the name Karl given to a kangaroo puppet. Then he met Karl, he changed his life! Now he's involved and volunteers at a puppet theater. He [...]

September Update 2019

Hello, guess who? Yes its me! Anyways September will be over in less than 2 weeks. Ill be doing a presentation on renewable energy for a universort unit. I also have an essay due 11th October. Now, in terms of writing: Novel Update Ill be working on the book and changing the title. (Portals of [...]


Time slowed, it was just the two of them. They were lost in each others eyes... A cat and a mouse. Who would make the first move?  

Sophelia’s Box

There was a dog watching her. She was on edge and couldnt get out of the box she had been sleeping in. Madame Sophelia was worried that the dog would start annoying her... It started barking! Wait... She recognised it! It was Doug!