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Short Stories

I am planning to write a series of short stories and getting them published. I am publishing two short stories on Kindle. They should be available within a few days. I am asking for readers to give suggestions on what I should write. Please email me at Current Short stories: Trail of Crystal Waters-… Continue reading Short Stories

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Television Troubles

Madame Sophelia was enjoying her day. She had the wiggles on repeat. It was her favorite show on the television. Her least favorite wiggle was the yellow one. She did not like yellow for some reason. Mary was finding out more about Madame Sophelia's personality every day. She liked mice and tuna. She also for… Continue reading Television Troubles

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Picnic at the park

Mary was relaxing with her mum and sister at the park. She was having a wonderful day. She then went to open one of the picnic baskets... only to find Madame Sophelia sleeping. Madame Sophelia was squashing the food beneath her. Mary was annoyed. She had not expected Madame Sophelia to join them on their… Continue reading Picnic at the park