Getting Experience

Hello! Just a post to update readers and followers. I’m doing an internship/getting experience writing articles for Fremantle Herald. Currently, I’m doing a series of articles on local authors (mainly Fremantle or who write about

Coffee vs Tea- Support

Hello I have joined Buy me a Coffee. You may have noticed the button on the right in the sidebar. This links to my page on “Buy Me a Coffee” Unfortunately, the button seems to


Being productive can look different for everyone. Your perspective of how you’ve spent your day is probably different from your parents, friends or even your boss. So how do you measure your own productivity?  

Raynes Helping Fin

Rayne’s Helping Fin- A sequel

I have published the sequel to Rayne’s New Home this week. It is called Rayne’s Helping Fin. Rayne has finally settled into his new home. But as he swims around one day, he finds out

Blue Purple World Nature Conservation Day Instagram Post

World Nature Conservation Day

  It is World Nature Conservation day today! Also, International Friendship Day is on Saturday. World Nature Conservation Day (World Nature Conservation Day) is celebrated each year on July 28. The main purpose of celebrating

coverpage Garden Children

Update 18 July

Thought I’d update readers today. The Garden Children is discounted this week on Amazon. It is also in Kindle Unlimited. I got my first article published in a newspaper on the weekend! Two new ebooks

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The Sea

The Sea is a whole other place with sea creatures and even an ecosystem. Life under the sea is complex and there are still many things we don’t fully understand. I recently wrote an article

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New Ebooks this week

I got the two documents edited and found an image to go inside/on the cover. I did some formatting and added a content page for one. They were uploaded last night. But both are a

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From the roots

A tree has many deep roots, that burrow into the soil. Roots that keep it grounded and strong. A tree brings with it hope, and air and helps reverse part of human impact by filtering

Updates July 13

So I started an internship on Monday at a newspaper. So that will keep me busy for a couple of days each week at least while it continues. Also, this week get Rayne’s New Home

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Ariana Rosenberg

Ariana Rosenberg completed her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing in July 2021. She writes regularly and recently published a picture book.

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