Feline Adventures part 2

Madame Sophelia was at the Zoo with Mary. I guess you are wondering why Madame Sophelia was at the Zoo. She was bored and highly adventurous.

They saw a bear, elephants, monkeys and zebras to name a few. What caught Madame Sophelia’s attention were the lions and tigers. She was in awe of the lions. She wanted to be one.

“They look so chill don’t they.” Mary said to Madame Sophelia.
“What are they?” Madame Sophelia replied, highly curious.
“These are lions. I bet this is the first time you’ve seen one.” Mary said.
“You are not mistaken. Could I take a closer look?” Sophelia purred.
“I would prefer to stay here. I don’t think that would be a good idea…” Mary said nervously.

Tuna Woes

Prince Alexander was starting to get a bit chubby. He was living the life. Mary would always leave out tuna for the two of them. Madame Sophelia was content with one tuna bowl a day while Prince Alexander would demand two.

“Where is the tuna?” Prince Alexander asked Mary.
“There is none left.” Mary sighed.
“No that cannot be true!” Please tell me there is more somewhere. Are you hiding the tuna?”

Prince Alexander huffed and puffed but despite his best efforts no tuna appeared.

“It’s okay Alex. It is not the end of the world.” Madame Sophelia purred while brushing against him.
“It’s Prince Alexander not Alex and I want tuna now.” Prince Alexander hissed.

“Calm down you two.” Mary said. She made a quick decision and then grabbed her car keys.
“I’m going to the store to buy another 20 cans of tuna. That should be enough.”
“Thank you human. I will eagerly wait for your return.” Prince Alexander responded, high excited.
“20 cans of tuna. Take one down. Pass it around. Now there is 19 cans of tuna on the wall.” Madame Sophelia sang.
“It probably not there because I ate it.” Prince Alexander said cheekily.
“What? You ate the wall?” Madame Sophelia joked.
“No, not the the wall. The tuna. Prince Alexander smirked.

Feline Adventures

Madame Sophelia was ready to go on another adventure. She wondering what the zoo would be like. There would be lots of weird animals. She was really bored. The cat toys were not enough to keep her satisfied.

“What is that supposed to be?” Sophelia asked Mary.
“It’s an elephant.” Mary replied.
“It looks more like a hippo.” Sophelia remarked.
“You’ve never seen a hippo before.” Mary sighed.
“What is your point?” Sophelia huffed…

To be continued

The Bat Cave

On the second day they went exploring. They came across a cave. They had entered the bat cave. The bats probably had rabies, so it wasn’t the best idea to be going to a bat cave.
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Sara remarked.
“Really? Half an hour ago you were all for going.” Charlie responded, slightly annoyed.
Sarah then saw a bat poop on Charlie’s head. She couldn’t help snorting.
“What should we name it?” Sara wondered out loud.
“How about Mr. Fuzzy?” He suggested.
“That has a certain ring to it.” Sara laughed, wondering about what to name the bat.
“Or Antonio…” Charlie then began to list about a dozen names.
“Please stop. We need to leave before we get bitten.” Sara suggested, getting nervous about all the bats.
Their eyes were almost staring into her soul. Thankfully none of the bats turned into vampires.
Mr Fuzzy was curious about the humans that had visited his cave. They were so peculiar. He was amused that the man had not noticed the excrement on his head. It added to his persona, that’s for sure. It even changed his smell. Mr Fuzzy’s poops were quite smelly. Humans didn’t smell very good to begin with.

June Announcement

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