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Madame Sophelia verus Francis p.2

There was a tap on the window. Who couls it ve? The tapping continued. A minute passed. It was Madame Sophelia! She was stuck in the rain! Again! She was very unhappy. Where was Mary? Francis was busy baking a cake! Prince Alexander was sleeping in front of the heater. "Meow" Sophelia cried. "Meow?!" She… Continue reading Madame Sophelia verus Francis p.2

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Reading and Recommendations.

I am currently reading Redwall. The first in a series written by Brian Jacques. There are many books I'd recommend. I mainly read fiction and fantasy. I was thinking of making a list. Some are from doing English Lit at university so they may be a bit time consuming (such as Midnight's Children). I have… Continue reading Reading and Recommendations.

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May Update

Crystal Waters (the short story) is now on Wattpad. It is free and you can read it in 4 parts. I might need to change the ending though to make it fit the style of writing. Here is the link: Trail of Crystal Waters I am working on another short story for a university unit.… Continue reading May Update