Painting Together

Painting together can be romantic. Two people painting a stroke each on a blank canvas. Each stroke is worth a day. Each canvas starts off blank. Everyone’s canvas will be different once it’s completed. Yet the most fascinating painting is one that is collaborated on. One that has more than one artist, more than one paint brush or stroke.

I’m quite interested in the Arts. It’s almost in my blood. Growing up with my Dads in America since I was 11 years old. Now that I’m in Australia it’s different. I’m still fascinated by the Arts more than sciences, this will never change.

There’s the painting that I’m painting as an individual. Then there’s the future painting I’m picturing. The future. The painting I’ll be creating once I’m married. It’s definitely something I’m looking forward to.

Finding a Career

How does someone chose a career? One that will last into retirement? What sort of things do you consider?

Finding a career is one of the challenges in life. Especially when finding one that is long lasting and worthwhile.

A career in the Arts is probably more difficult than one based in the Sciences. Is there anyone out there with good advice on finding a career in the Arts?