Guardian Angels

Let me be your light in darkness.
Your eyes when you lose your sight.
Let me hold you hand when you’ve lost your way.
A calming presence when your life is at a turning point.
The words we say to each other should not be said in anger.
They should be said with love and compassion.
Don’t be saddened, be happy.
Find the happy moments and hold onto them.
The guardian Angels in your life are meant to look after you.
I hope everyone have a Guardian Angel in their life.
Let’s hope this year is filled with Joy, not Sadness.
The guiding presence, a soft voice and friend in your life.
May these guardian angels find their way into your life.
Someone to hold onto and guide the way out of despair.
Someone to brighten the day, make joy flourish and prosper.

Life’s Hassles

Sometimes life becomes stagnate. No progress is occurring, nor is anything too much of a burden. How does one gain momentum? How can progress be made without compromising? These aren’t easy questions, especially if one approaches them with only their own considerations or knowledge. Some decisions and plans requires one to discuss with dozens of people before they are put into action. Such as what to study, where to find work and how much time to dedicate to service.

Then when hassles become overwhelming. What should you do then? Pray, reflect and hope the way becomes clear.

A Starry Sky

My heart yearns to travel the country side

My heart yearns to travel the country side. Singing, with my hair being moved by the wind. Carefree and fascinated by a flock of birds migrating South. The sun is setting, the day slowly turning into night. Someone sits besides me. Both of us waiting to behold the silent beauty of stars blinking. We both enjoy the company, there is no need for words to fill the space between us.

Past Mistakes

I think it’s best if I don’t blog for awhile. I haven’t exactly thought through what I actually write on this blog. Nor have I given proper photography credits on the reviews I have written last year. I also need to stop saying the word ‘I’. Maybe in the future I’ll write but the past three months has taught me that I shouldn’t be obsessed with having to post frequently. I’m also quite behind on the news.


Here lies my conscience, marooned on an island of solitude

I’m currently having difficulty staying motivated and concentrating on writing or even university assignments. It’s like walking through molasses. It’s been like this for the last couple months since I’ve had to go to the hospital about three times. There isn’t much you can do in hospital. I keep thinking about all the time I’ve wasted! Hopefully I can get better soon and get back to being cognitively sound.

My level of attention also seems to be quite low. Nothing seems to interest me or capture my focus.