Feline Adventures part 3

Madame Sophelia was getting tired. She was wondering why she was at the zoo when she could be napping at home instead. They were sitting in a tour bus at the zoo and Mary had to hold her because otherwise she couldn’t see past the window of the bus.

“That is a zebra.” Mary said.
“Does it do anything special?” Madame Sophelia asked.
“It farts a lot.” Mary responded.
“Your pulling my leg.” Madame Sophelia said, hoping Mary was joking.
“How do you know that expression?” Mary questioned Sophelia.
“You watch tv too much.” Madame Sophelia said.

They passed the snake habitation and Sophelia got really scared.
They then passed the monkey enclosure.
“Do monkeys talk?” Madame Sophelia asked Mary.
“They don’t but they do have the ability to learn sign language.” Mary replied.
“Do they drink tea?” Madame Sophelia asked.
“Probably not…You wouldn’t be able to have a tea party with a monkey.” Mary laughed.
“Herde gerde…” Madame Sophelia chuckled.

Tuna Woes

Prince Alexander was starting to get a bit chubby. He was living the life. Mary would always leave out tuna for the two of them. Madame Sophelia was content with one tuna bowl a day while Prince Alexander would demand two.

“Where is the tuna?” Prince Alexander asked Mary.
“There is none left.” Mary sighed.
“No that cannot be true!” Please tell me there is more somewhere. Are you hiding the tuna?”

Prince Alexander huffed and puffed but despite his best efforts no tuna appeared.

“It’s okay Alex. It is not the end of the world.” Madame Sophelia purred while brushing against him.
“It’s Prince Alexander not Alex and I want tuna now.” Prince Alexander hissed.

“Calm down you two.” Mary said. She made a quick decision and then grabbed her car keys.
“I’m going to the store to buy another 20 cans of tuna. That should be enough.”
“Thank you human. I will eagerly wait for your return.” Prince Alexander responded, high excited.
“20 cans of tuna. Take one down. Pass it around. Now there is 19 cans of tuna on the wall.” Madame Sophelia sang.
“It probably not there because I ate it.” Prince Alexander said cheekily.
“What? You ate the wall?” Madame Sophelia joked.
“No, not the the wall. The tuna. Prince Alexander smirked.

Feline Adventures

Madame Sophelia was ready to go on another adventure. She wondering what the zoo would be like. There would be lots of weird animals. She was really bored. The cat toys were not enough to keep her satisfied.

“What is that supposed to be?” Sophelia asked Mary.
“It’s an elephant.” Mary replied.
“It looks more like a hippo.” Sophelia remarked.
“You’ve never seen a hippo before.” Mary sighed.
“What is your point?” Sophelia huffed…

To be continued

The Cats Meet

Madame Sophelia did not know how to react to the new cat. They first hissed at each other. Hopefully they would get along. Mary was worried. She decided to quickly get another two cans of tuna in order to get the two cats distracted. Prince Alexander enjoyed his tuna. Sophelia was not interested in her tuna. It would be her fifth can of tuna that day.

Mary sighed. She had been able to introduce the two cats without too much hassle.

“Thank you for the tuna.” Prince Alexander purred.
“You are welcome.” Mary responded.
“I would like another one.” Alexander asked.
“But that one is mine.” Sophelia purred. Despite her reluctance to eat another one.
“Maybe we could share?” Prince Alexander suggested.
“That would be too weird…” Madame Sophelia huffed.

The Cat Shelter

At Mary’s House
Mary was going to get another cat. She did not know how Sophelia would react to the new addition to the house. She also needed to decide on a name for the second cat.

“Sophelia..” Mary began.
“What is it now? I was having a nap.” Sophelia asked
“I am getting another cat.” Mary continued.
“But I thought you liked me? Why would you want another cat? Sophelia huffed, sad that she might be replaced by another cat.

At The Nearby Cat Shelter/Kennel
The new cat didn’t know what to do with himself. His name was Prince Alexander.
He had a sort of haughtiness about him, a regal air. He was wondering how he’d arrived in a kennel. He was not used to confined spaces. He also wondered when he was going to be fed. It had been weeks since he’d last had tuna. He missed the taste and the fishy smell.

Mary entered the cat shelter. Sophelia had been left at home with three cans of tuna. She wasn’t too worried about Sophelia. She’d be full by the time she got home. She began to walk down the aisle full of cages. She then spotted a fluffy grey cat.

“Hello what’s your name?” Mary asked the fluffy cat. The cat was confused. It was not used to humans talking to him.
“My name is Prince Alexander. Pleasant to meet you.” Prince Alexander responded not sure the human would understand him.
“Hello Prince Alexander. Could I call you Alex instead?” Mary asked.
“No. It is Prince Alexander. No nicknames allowed.” Prince Alexander replied.
“Oh okay. Would you like to go to my house for tuna? All you can eat tuna.”
“I would love tuna human.”
“Then It’s settled. Tuna will await you. Let me just ask someone to take you home. Hang in there Prince Alexander!” Mary said a bit reluctantly. She was starting to develop a cat reputation and radar.