Tuna to Go Fish


Sophelia the cat was bored. She had nothing to do. She was going to explore the neighbourhood. She could play with fake mice or go on a stroll. Decisions decisions!
Mary was no fun since she tended to ignore her meows. Humans were so peculiar!
“You are no fun” (Sophelia)
“Really?” (Mary)
“Yes” (Sophelia)
“All you do is feed me.” (Sophelia)
“Aren’t you glad?” (Mary)
“It’s bland food. Not restaurant quality.” (Sophelia)
“What’s your point? Your a cat.” (Mary)
“That doesn’t change anything. I want tuna. Give me tuna!” (Sophelia)
“You have to ask nicely.” (Mary)
“Pretty please with a mouse on top!” (Sophelia)
“I’ll buy you some tuna” (Mary)
“Finally!” (Sophelia)
Mary left the house to get Sophelia’s much awaited tuna.

“She’s left the building. Now where are those mice hiding?” (Sophelia)

Sophelia then broke into song:

“I see fishes, fishes in my dreams! I see fishes, fishes as can be! If only it was not a dream. Fishes I would be. Fishing fun for everyone! This would be as fun. If fishes were fun. I’d had all but none. For fishes are fishes and I have none.”

Mary arrived half way through her song.

“Wow I did not know you could sing.” (Mary)

“I practice whenever you leave.” (Sophelia)

“Your tuna awaits you.” (Mary)

“Much thanks. Meow Meow Meow” (Sophelia)

Madame Sophelia

Mary was going to buy a cat. How was she going to choose?
There were cats with or without fur. Cats of any colour from white to black. There were short hair and long hair.
There were smalls kittens to older cats
So many choices her head might explode!

She then heard a meow that sounded different from the rest. She wondered where it was coming from. She walked further along the row of cats when she came across a tabby cat.
The cat had the cutest face!
Mary knew this was the cat for her!

They arrived home an hour later. Mary was thrilled to have a cat!
What was she going to name her?
There was so many names that would be good for a cat
From A to Z. Any name starting with an S
Sophelia was going to be the cat’s name!

Sophelia was a cute cat
She had whiskers and a tail.
Her favorite food was tuna!
Her coat was brown and black. While the front was as white as snow

The first thing Mary found out about Sophelia shocked Mary.
The cat could talk!
The second thing she found out was that Sophelia was highly adventurous!

Flash Fiction 1

“Meow” said the cat.
Mary did not know what to say.
Why is it still meowing?
“ Woof Woof” Said the dog.
“What?” asked Mary.
“What’s the matter?”.
“Meow” said the cat. AGAIN.
”Why does this cat keep following me?” Asked Mary.
“I’m a cat!” Said Sophie.
“Obviously” Replied Mary.
“Do I detect sarcasm?” Asked Mary.
“You do” replied the Cat.”Meow” Said the Cat. AGAIN.
“Why did the cat crossed the road?” asked Sophie to Mary.
“It said a mouse. That’s why!” was Sophie’s response.
The End.

Time for tea

“It’s time for tea Sophie!” said Mary.

“Already?” replied Sophie.

“Of course. It’s always tea time.” Mary responded.

“Well I’m sick of tea. I’m a cat. Cat’s don’t like tea.”

“Who’s to say cats don’t like tea?” Mary asked, somewhat confused.

“Cats have refined taste if I do say so.”

“Well I guess you have an opinion.”

“I do” Sophie replied with confidence.