February Update 1 (2020)

So its finally February! University will be starting up soon. Unfortunately, I am not taking any creative writing units this semester. I will continue to free write, work on short stories and post on the blog/website. Hopefully I will improve my writing without another CW unit. If anyone has a theme I could work with […]

Blossom (intro-the rabbit)

Blossom was having a simple day. She was grazing on the grass and sniffing the flowers. Her friends nearby were hopping along and stuck in their own daydreams. Blossom wanted to go on an adventure. One away from the paddock. Away from the smelly cows. She fell asleep within a patch of sunlight. It was […]

History through Film

How does one view film through a historical lens? Can films be historically accurate? What exactly counts as accuracy? I get to watch films for the history unit I’m doing. HIS250 at Murdoch. It mainly focuses on American History. Western film, through to the Depression then Watergate and Ronald Reagan. It will probably be more […]

Travel dreams

The time was right to go on a short holiday… for someone else who wasnt her… Amara is a travel agent trying to navigate through several clients and hundreds of destinations a day. She wondered when she’d finally be able to go on her own holiday… So what was her dream holiday? Was it a […]

The earring

She was out gardening when she realized something. One of her earrings were missing. They were a family heirloom! Should she call the patrol? Send out a search party? She very worried but decided to not panic. Still panicked. But there was no reason to… why? You ask. Because that earring was just at the […]