When things don’t go as you planned

Most things can be planned for, in some way. While others will always be out of our control. So don't stress over the events and problems you can't manage or predict. It'll get quite irritating if you try to plan for anything and your week still doesn't happen like you wanted...

Saying No

When is it time to say no? People who come to you for help or support. It's great to help them and encourage your friends. Unfortunately, it might become something they expect from you. All those promises and commitments begin to pile. Harder and harder to to remember and keep track of. It's takes plenty [...]


Let me first pose a few questions to readers: What does happiness mean to you? What makes you happy? Who motivates you? Why doesn't happiness last longer or more often?    

Announcement 4:March week 1

First weekly announcement and set goals for March

Moving Houses

      Nobody enjoys cleaning the house for hours, let alone moving houses. All those mementos, keepsakes and photos collected from trips and social events. There’s even those mountains of junk hiding between furniture and in the shed to go through. You may have to get rid of cobwebs, dust and mould which have [...]