If we need someone reinforcing us, what exactly is motivating us?

Announcement 6: March week 3

Firstly, I'd like to thank my current readers. I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts and exploring the website! The site has been updated/added to, details are explained below...

Why is the world screwed?

When we hear the news, we're confronted with war, death, diseases and poor lifestyle choices. We might look outside and wonder, "what can I possibly do to change this"? Each of us are capable of changing this though. The world is screwed because individuals feel useless and want to escape this harsh realty. No one knows [...]

Announcement 5: March Week 2 (5 year anniversary)

5 year Site Anniversary  Five years ago this site became a reality and then it stayed in the shadows until the 23rd of December 2015. So now I'm sitting in the library wondering, "what if I had actually continued using it after it was first created?" Now, knowing me, I admit that back then I was [...]