Library (part A)

The book was bored. It decided to read itself. It was very factual. What had inspired its author? The book wondered. Then it noticed it wasn't alone. There was a little girl staring at it. And it was surrounded by other books. It was amazed!

Desmond Travellers part 3

Adam the dog was worried about his owner, Clive. Where was he? Who was going to feed him? Take him on walks? Help him chase cats.... haha. That one time. Adam nearly chuckled... but dogs don't chuckle. So he didn't chuckle. Woof.... Woof... His woofs echoed in the nearly empty house. Besides him, there was [...]

Tiny Wings (part 1)

Tiny Wings wanted to find a new friend. He was lonely. Staring at the walls of his cave. One morning he decided to go to the nearby woods. Tiny Wings drank from a stream. He heard something... He looked up, freshwater trickling down from his mouth. He thought he had heard someone moving? Maybe he [...]

A new friend

She saw his eyes first. They were a clear blue. Then she noticed his snout. It was a fierce, passionate red. What was a dragon doing in her backyard, she wondered. The tail whipped back at the fence, nearly tearing it down. Soon she noticed something else about the dragon. It's wings were tiny! They [...]

The Salon

The hair moved... Falling from her head. While this was normal for a salon... it was not normal for the hair to continue moving once it had reached the ground... The whole Salon was swimming in hair. Hair falling... Hair refusing to be swept up... It was absolute mayhem! Hair even ganging together to escape. [...]