Across the Pond


Work in progress children’s play. Follows the journey of Sylvie Sparrow who has just entered adolescence. She is sent across the pond on Temperance the turtle (She does not know how to fly long distance yet)

Bubbles Gooseberg (goose)
Jasper Gooseberg (goose)
Sylvie Sparrow (sparrow)
Joey Marlow (kangaroo)
Harry Wombat (wombat)
Maggie Whinger (mag pie)
Kevin Koakoalay (koala)
Doug (dog)
Sophie Talis (cat)
Blossom (bunny)
Temperance (Tortoise)
Crystal Lilis

Setting: pond/lake in Australia

The inhabitants of the pond have become aware of the world outside. They have banded together in order to face these problems that could potentially put the pond and their families at risk.

Animals working together
Putting aside differences
Environmental issues
Ecosystem ripples
Natural disasters
Human impact on land and animals
Cultural diversity
Moral foundation

Genre: Fantasy, Fable, Australian, Children’s theatre