Believing the Unbelievable and the Fourth Wall

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Fiction requires us to open our imagination, not take things at face value.

But is it easy to believe the unbelievable?

When things become stranger than fiction.

What do you know to be true or false. Fact or Myth?

The believable is based on what we know, not all we believe has to be true though.

Fairies can be real. Cats could talk. Elephants could dance. Kids could fly to space.

We just need to stretch out our imagination a bit. (Children’s books tend to need lots of imagination sometimes)

Another element of suspending belief can also be seen in Theatre. The breaking of the fourth wall. The character directly addresses the audience. This is probably not used much in books unless it’s first-person narration or the character (older) narrates from the present or even the future, looking back at past events.

Believe Inspirational Quote Nature Sunset Phone Wallpaper






In one of my books, Talon travels into space. Is this realistic though? He’s young, not trained and very optimistic. So it’s probably not very believable, to begin with. But then it’s a children’s book. Imagination and creativity take the front stage.

Rocket Boy ebook

Rocket Boy Adventures- Website

In my collection of short stories, Madame Sophelia is a talking cat.

Several times other people find this out. But I tried to make it so only Mary or one other person only could hear her talking. Because cats don’t talk like humans in real life! It’s purely fiction. But the cat that Madame Sophelia is based on is a real cat! (Sophie)  Ebook:   Madame Sophelia

Two of my books follow a fish called Rayne. How can a fish do all the things Rayne does or thinks about?  It’s fiction, though I tried to make it as realistic as I could. In the first book, Rayne is searching for a new home in the Indian Ocean. His perspective as a fish is a bit unbelievable though.

Rayne’s New Home

Rayne’s Helping Fin


So keep on believing!

Believing in Magic!

Believing in unicorns, fairies and talking cats!

Believing in the Unbelievable!

Believing in yourself!

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