Desmond Travellers part 3


Adam the dog was worried about his owner, Clive.

Where was he?

Who was going to feed him? Take him on walks? Help him chase cats…. haha. That one time. Adam nearly chuckled… but dogs don’t chuckle. So he didn’t chuckle.



His woofs echoed in the nearly empty house.

Besides him, there was a rat, a cockroach and a cat lurking in the shadows.

Maybe he should do something about that cat!

Nah… It hadn’t bothered him yet.



Where in the world was Clive?


Well, I’ll tell you! 🙂

Clive was still in America! After nearly a year and 6 months. He had ended up paying for lunch (of course) that day when he was at the Grand Canyon. He then packed up and went off the next day and decided to road trip… all the way to Florida! Hehe


Adam was of course taken care of by the cat… I mean by the next-door neighbor and Clive’s brother Dave….


I’ll go into detail about the road trip soon. Who knows, maybe he’ll see Samantha again?


To be continued…


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