Travel dreams

The time was right to go on a short holiday… for someone else who wasnt her… Amara is a travel agent trying to navigate through several clients and hundreds of destinations a day. She wondered when she’d finally be able to go on her own holiday… So what was her dream holiday? Was it a […]


The earring

She was out gardening when she realized something. One of her earrings were missing. They were a family heirloom! Should she call the patrol? Send out a search party? She very worried but decided to not panic. Still panicked. But there was no reason to… why? You ask. Because that earring was just at the […]

The Festival

They were beginning to get excited about the event that would be happening that year. Dogs lined the streets as the festival began. Some started to bark as the dragons arrived in full regalia. The dancing began in earnest and was difficult to keep up with. ‘I had thought it would be done by now’, […]

New Year, New Ideas

Well I’m back! Trying to set a goal of 200 words minimum a day. I am slowly getting into a routine. I’ve been freewriting about autumn/fall, dragons and cats lately. I am writing a new short story titled ‘Written in the Mist’ (hopefully the title isnt already taken) I’ll be reworking A Whimsical Night and […]