There many untold stories, waiting to be told in the world. A hidden land of dreams and hardships; of love and loss, experiences to be shared and hopes realized. Therein lies the opportunity to live in another culture, experience the morality and love of this world. I am wishing to explore this in my writing from […]

The Old Lady

The cars passed the old lady. Her walking stick posed in front of her. One had raised to press the button. She smiled. She was on her way to her granddaughter’s birthday party. There were only a few cars nearby. A minute later the pedestrian light turned green. She began to walk. First foot forward. […]

November Update

Finished with my exam this morning! Got to finish it about 20 minutes early too! Hopefully I can now focus on writing and reading more now. I have had to take Crystal Waters off Wattpad. It only got 44 views. Its still on Kindle For $0.99 and on Kobo. Crystal Waters Feel free to […]