The smell of perfume was overwhelming. It intermingled with the smell of her recently washed hair. Last night she had trouble sleeping and not even the coffee offered her respite.

Anika sighed and began to comb her hair into her usual style. After a few minutes, she decided to check her emails.

Anika went to her desk, pulled out a chair and turned on the computer. Anika waited impatiently as it loaded. She quickly logged in and sighed as internet explorer opened automatically.

100 emails?! She saw at a glance. She bet that half was probably spam.

‘Well then’, Anika thought. ‘What have we here?’, browsing through the other 50. A few were about her business. 5 were to do with shopping orders. She sighed when she saw one was from the bank. There was even one about the beach. (she’d definitely read that one. Anika was into anything to do with the environment)

But then the last 4 threw her in a loop. Then she laughed at the one from a past romance. One was from her sister and one from her mother. Then she cried when she saw the one from her daughter. She hadnt seen her daughter for 5 years… why had she sent her an email?!



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