The crunching was getting on her nerves. Popcorn all over the floor. All those seats were sticky with residue and the scent of body odor. Then began the ads. The annoying ads. 10% of the whole. movie. was. ads! I guess that was how they made some of their money to film the movie. But it always got on her nerves.

Then people would begin to laugh or snort. She sighed.

She felt bad for the ushers.

She was better off waiting a year to rent a movie and watch it at home. But then Madame Sophelia would get hooked and demand treats. She couldn’t catch a break!

Mary watched as Francis laughed. She was waiting for him to pop the question. Maybe not in a movie theatre full of strangers. They had already been together for a year. Wow. Time had passed so soon. Within a week of being together they had started the tradition of seeing a movie once a month.

Mary sighed again. She wondered what Madame Sophelia did on movie nights….

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