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Trying to read a bunch of books at the same time!

These are mainly for university. There’s like 5 books just for that. (I’m doing a history unit on Imperialism and Colonialism)
– Burmese Days by George Orwell (finished)
– The Origins of the Modern World. A globl and Ecological Narrative from the 15th – 21st Century, Robert B. Marks.
– Empire, Ferguson(hasent arrived yet, only read the introduction through unit readings link)
– A Hundred Horizons- The Indian Ocean in the Age of Global Empire, Sugata Bose
– The Great Transformation- The political and Economic origins of our time, Karl Polanyi
– Imperial Connections- India in the Indian ocean arena 1860-1920, Metcalf
– Sources in the history of the Modern Middle East, Khater
– Colonialism Experienced – Vietnamese Writing on Colonialism (1900-1937)

I am also reading a couple fiction books (Redwall by Brian Jacques) and two on finances (Barefoot investor, and Share Investing for Dummies)

Its easier to read multiple non fiction books than fiction this time. I would usually be reading one book at a time but I have assignments that require doing a bunch of reading.

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