Madame Sophelia was about to meet an important animal in her life.
She knew this because she read it in a fortune cookie after a late nap on a July afternoon. (Mary had a soft spot for Chinese food).

So seeing as it is finally august and the weather was beginning to cool down or warm up (depending on how a cat would perceive this). We’ll begin our story on the 1st of August 2019.

Madame Sophelia was minding her business, thank you very much. Now one must not dwell on this smelly business so Madame Sophelia was thinking about mice as she sat on the litter tray (unfortunately not made of gold). She then saw movement in the garden!. Finishing her business with dignity, she made her way outside.

There was a squirrel with a hazy blue aura. Now Madame Sophelia was curious! Why was a squirrel in her garden and why was it surrounded in blue? She could tell that it was trying to hide.

Madame Sophelia decided to approach the squirrel….but now it was a cat!
‘How silly!’ She huffed.

“Greetings fellow cat.” purrs Soraya.
“You arent a cat!” Madame Sophelia hissed.
“What makes you say that friend?” Soraya asks curiously.
“I saw you before shifted!” Madame Sophelia explained.
“I’m sorry, Its a force of habit. I tend to panic when I meet new animals.” Soraya sighed.
“Well, you might as well come inside. It looks like its about to rain…” Madame Sophelia purred, despite it only being slightly cloudy…

So Soraya (shifted as a cat) and Madame Sophelia went inside and played with a bunch of cat toys. Mary was clueless as to fact that Soraya was actually a squirrel.

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