The Court of Aserinu is constantly in an uproar. The Vultures of Seirs De Plune lead the current conflict between the Jurandes and Kiljurs of the West. The Vultures never take sides, they bask in the distrust caused by their manipulations. They stoke the fires of contempt and influence others to take action by identifying active discord among the members of the Aserinu Isles.

“The Court of Aserinu represented by the fifty Mediators of Yurumai brings forward the matter of this session. The Jurandes and Kiljurs of the West have brought forward a matter of great injustice. The Kiljurs accuse the Jurandes of pilfering their dwellings and ruining their agriculture systems. The Jurandes have been charged with paying for damages and also solutions to keeping their land produce secure. The Negotiator of this first session calls upon the representatives of The West to plead their case”. Says Marius, the court’s senior negotiator.

Aedrie, the court’s scribe walks towards the Jurande’s viewer Gallery and addresses the civilians of Aserinu who were present for the session.

“As you see, these are troubled times. I was sent by Marius to inform you that as the Jurande Senior council is unable to pull forth the money for safekeeping according the Book of Aserinu Proceeding, 234 section C; the civilians are being made to produce the money. If by any chance, the Jurandes are innocent of the accusation put forth, they will receive 50% of the Treasury for random allocation. If the case is won by the Jurandes, The Senior councils will also receive 40%. Unfortunately 10% will be kept for taxes.”

Aedrie smirks, admiring her sharp nails. She looks up at the angry faces of some of the Jurandes. She can’t help but to start laughing.

“Unfortunately I’m also on the Senior Council of Aserinu based on merit. Anyways, The mediators have allowed the floor to be opened for debate.”


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