It was a sunny morning in the woods. The animals went about their day in a daze. Mindlessly going through the same motions. A family of squirrels were sheltered beneath a pine tree and taking turns squirrelling towards the pond next door. One baby squirrel was different from her siblings. She was a shape-shifter. When trouble came a-calling she was there to protect her family and prevent the woods from being over run by creatures of the dark. (like the one eyed crow). The eldest squirrel of young squirrels was named Soraya.

That day was in the middle of July 2019. It was the day she would be meeting a new friend. His name, you ask? Karl.

Soraya made a twittering noise. She just had her daily wash and was searching for a snack now. Her paws were cold from the frost layering the grass. She gave a sigh. Her search unsuccessful. Maybe she should take a nap? But she was so hungry! Just yesterday there had been an attack on her family home and now they were salvaging what was left to rebuild their food stores.

Soraya heard a strange low voice enter the woods. It looked like a strange animal but with a piece of string pulling it along. (It was Karl)

Karl was minding his own business when he suddenly became lost in the woods.

Soraya was curious. What was a kangaroo doing here?

“May I help you?” Soraya asked.

“I’m Karl.” Said Karl, in his deep voice. He coughed once, then twice, then once again before he tried to shake her paw.

“Do you have food? I’m hungry.”

‘Oh no!’ Soraya thought. ‘What if he eats me?!’

“Um. Cant help much there. I am also searching for food.”

They stared at each other. Soraya made a hasty retreat to the pine tree. She decided to shape-shift into a kangaroo and then pretend to be meeting Karl for the first time. She had just shape-shifted into a kangaroo when Karl came looking for the squirrel.

“Hello Missus. Have you seen a squirrel?”

“Why yes sir. She went across that pond.”

Unfortunately Karl didn’t know how to swim. So he decided to make friends with the supposedly female kangaroo.

‘This is so strange..” thought Soraya. But out loud she said: My name is Soraya.

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I’m hoping to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I'm also considering becoming a Historian or librarian at this stage in life. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I study English and Creative Writing at university.