Goats and Avocados


Goats and Avocados. (Flash)

1: The Avocado goat.
2: The goat that had an avocado.
3: I was walking down a road when suddenly a goat appeared. It was looking for an avocado.
4. I was in the supermarket putting a dozen avocados in a shopping cart when a goat suddenly appeared. “I eat avocados 3 times a day.” said the goat. I fainted.
5: It haunted me in my dreams and stared at me when I woke up. “Baaahhhh.”
6: At first I didn’t know what it was. It was slimy and green. It was a blended avocado. Pit and all. “Ahh yes. The elixir of life.” It was my masterpiece. Now all I had to hide it from all the goats!
7: Helena was being held captive. She was forced to draw and paint avocados all day. (not for long)
8: One day in may I was minding my own business. That was the day I met the avocado goat. It was green. It ate avocados. It dreamed of avocados. It tasted like (dont ask) avocados and it shat avocados. Now while I was minding my business on a may day, I realized I was being followed. It was a green blur at first, then it came closer… It was a goat?! It had yellow eyes. ‘Strange’ I thought to myself. “Baaahhh”. Cried the Avocado goat. “Feed me”. It then began chasing me!

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