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Madame Sophelia verus Francis p.2

There was a tap on the window. Who couls it ve? The tapping continued. A minute passed. It was Madame Sophelia! She was stuck in the rain! Again!

She was very unhappy. Where was Mary?

Francis was busy baking a cake!
Prince Alexander was sleeping in front of the heater.

“Meow” Sophelia cried.
“Meow?!” She continued.

Francis couldn’t understand her!

“Prince Alexander! Wakey Wakey!” Sophelia screeched.

Francis finally heard her meowing and opened the door.

“Finally”. Madame Sophelia huffed.

As Francis was distracted Madame Sophelia dug into the vanilla icing.

“Bad kitty!” Francis said in desperation.

“How dare you!” Madame Sophelia hissed.

“Madame Sophelia!” Snapped Prince Alexander, who had just woken up.

“Im still hungry!” Madame Sophelia whined.

Francis was confused!
The cats seemed to be having a conversation!

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