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May Update

Crystal Waters (the short story) is now on Wattpad. It is free and you can read it in 4 parts.
I might need to change the ending though to make it fit the style of writing.

Here is the link:

Trail of Crystal Waters

I am working on another short story for a university unit. Its worth 45%!
It will be 2,500 words hopefully before 31st of May. I am brainstorming and writing a bit each day. This short story is for the third creative writing unit I’ve taken so far at uni. It will probably be the last unit until my honors.

I have added Goodreads as a widget to the bottom of the website/blog. It will list the books I’m currently reading. You can also check my reviews/ratings for the books I’ve read. I recommend using it.


I have made a poll for suggestions on what I should write about. Please check the tlink below.
Writing Prompts

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