Sophelia and Snow


The air outside was chilly. Mary made her way outside to the porch. Her car was covered in snow!

Madame Sophelia woke up from her nap. Where was Mary? She’d had a dream about a mouse with a fedora called Henry but then when she was about to pounce she had woken up!

Mary sighed and shivered in the cold. She decided to make a nice cup of Earl Grey. She went to open the door only to find Madame Sophelia right in front of it when it opened.

“Meow! that hurt!” Madame Sophelia hissed.

Mary was shocked!
“Sorry Sophelia.” Mary apologized.

Madame Sophelia huffed. She looked outside… it was covered in white stuff!

“What is this?” Madame Sophelia asked.
“huh?” Mary said, distracted. Madame Sophelia was blocking her way.

“What is this white stuff?” Madame Sophelia asked in frustration.

“Its Snow, of course.” Mary laughed.

“Snow? Why is it falling?” Madame Sophelia wondered.

“It is frozen rain!” Mary explained.

“How Horrid.” Madame Sophelia huffed!

One paw outstretched in the air in curiosity. A fleck of snow landed on her paw. Madame Sophelia hissed! She arched her back and jumped in the air. She then decided to retreat into the house. Snow was absolutely despicable…

Mary sighed as she watched Sophelia zoom back into the house. She went in to get the kettle boiling. It was a good winter’s day despite Madame Sophelia despising snow.

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