Paint by paint


Bits of paint flew in the air and most of it landed on the canvas. Blots of it ended up on the floor. Her was tyed behind her back and held in a pony tail.

She wiped off the perspire with a cloth and dipped the paint brush into a jar of water. She stopped with a sigh. A painting of a forest was drying on the easel. Her face broke into a grin. It had taken her 8 hours straight to design, plan and paint. She was exhausted.

Helena made her way to the booth. She had recently entered three of her paintings into an eccentric art gallery.

She smiled at one of her friends and sat in the booth. She looked around to see part of the gallery. Unfortunately she didnt see any of her paintings in the front. They were probably at the back….

She had wondered how eccentric the art was supposed to be… so she had drawn a bunch of cats! Then there was one of a closeup of a lady in red with a party hat. The last one was the one with the figures having a picnic.

She had a quick drink of sparkling water before making her way to the back. There it was! The figures were still having a picnic! They stopped moving whenever anyone turned to look. It was although it was a trick of the light to them. Helena knew better than that… the figures were her friends! They waved when she found the painting.

Andrew grinned at her as he helped himself from a platter of crackers. The crumbs piled up in the painting before disappearing.

Andrew fed the raven cheese while the dingo dug into the roast chicken.

Helena laughed! Then suddenly the figures stopped moving. Her friend Felicity was behind her!

“Come and join us! We are having dinner. They are going to choose the winners after dinner.” Said Felicity.

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I’m hoping to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I'm also considering becoming a Historian or librarian at this stage in life. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I study English and Creative Writing at university.

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