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The painting

She made it look easy. The painting began to take shape. Clouds formed and offset the grey sky. The mountains created shadows across the lower part of the painting.

The grass grew with a freshness unlike real grass. A figure stood in the centre with an animal on either side. One was a dingo and the other was a raven.

The figure began to move.

“Its about time, Helena!” The figure said exasperated.

Helena laughed.

“Now why dont you give us a picnic?” The figure asked.

Helena muttered to herself.

“Now what should I add?”

“Food.” The figure joked.

Helena sighed. First she painted the basket. She made it overfill with fruit and vegetables. Then she outlined a large plate full of biscuits and cheese.

“There you go Andrew!”
“Fabulous!” Replied Andrew.

Then the raven and the dingo began to move.

The trio dug in. After they ate (despite the fact that it was paint) they froze into position. The raven posed on a branch and the dingo hid halfway in the hollow of the tree.

“I think ive now created a painting worthy of the gallery!”

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