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Mary could feel the steam blow into her face as the kettle boiled. She carefully prepared two cups of English Breakfast tea.

In the living room her nan sat comfortably in a recliner.

Mary filled a special mug with milk to go with the tea.

She made her way towards the living room with her hands carrying the tray filled with biscuits.

Her nan was petting one of tbe cats (Prince Alexander was hiding) when Mary entered the room.

She had told Madame Sophelia to behave before Esmeralda (her nan) had arrived.

“So how’s the job?” Esmeralda asked.
“Its going well. Mary replied.
“Where are you working now?” Esmeralda curiously asked.
“A library archive.” Mary responded.
“How boring.” Esmeralda laughed.

Madame Sophelia was curious.

“What is boring?” Madame Sophelia purred.

Esmeralda looked around. She wondered who had talked. Then she realized that it was Madame Sophelia who had talked.
“Oh my!” Esmeralda squeaked.

Esmeralda suddenly fainted.

“Well that went well…” Mary began.
“I told you to behave!” Mary sighef.

“Yeah but you didnr prevent me from talking!” Madame Sophelia chuckled.

A light flashed and Esmeralda forgot that Sophelia had talked. When she came to she continued to have tea and Mary enjoyed talking to her nan. She made sure to give Sophelia extra tuna once Esmeralda left to go to her physio appointment.


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