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Another Visit

They were in the car. The cats were getting on each other’s nerves. Mary could barely stand their bickering. Soon they had arrived in the carpark in front of the vet. Mary got them both out.
They were surrounded by dogs in the reception area. The cats decided to stay inside their cage as it was safer. Mary tried to hide them but the dogs were curious and kept getting too close to the cats. Madame Sophelia started to hiss.

“Stupid dogs!” She hissed.
Mary was very worried.
Soon one of the dogs started barking.
This set them all off.

“Please Mary make them stop!” Madame Sophelia begged.
Mary sighed.
She put their cage onto the seat next to her.
“Don’t worry Sophelia! Not much longer now!” Mary reassured her.
A few minutes later the vet came out.

“Mary… glad to see you again. I see you are talking to Sophelia again. You know cats can’t talk right?” The vet asked concerned.

“well you see..” Mary began. (What should she do next?)

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