Study Break


Its a study break for Murdoch. I made a checklist but the most I’ve done was on Monday. The rest of the week I’ve pretty much did nothing. 🙁 On Monday I finished reading the fourth uni book. (by Harriet Jacobs) and started rereading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I also did some creative writing.

I’m working on completing the external unit MSP100 (Managing your career) It has 4 units and I’m only mid way through the second one. (Managing Your Digital Footprint.) I also need to do week 5 readings and one from week 10 which I’m doing a presentation on. I have an essay to start that is due on the 12th of April and a short story worth 45% which isn’t due until the end of semester.

Hopefully I can get at least the important things done before I go to class on Tuesday…

I’m hoping to publish another short story on Metior this semester.
Distant Hearts- Metior Magazine

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