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Marys realisation


“Sophelia! I got tuna!” Mary sang.

“Purrr…” said Madame Sophelia.

“What happened? You could talk!” Mary sighed.

“Meow?” Madame Sophelia said in confusion.

Mary began to cry. What if she had lost her powers?

“Whats the matter?” Madame Sophelia asked.

“Oh i had the most horrible realisation.” Mary began.

“Continue…” said sophelia intrigued.
“Which was? I can’t handle the suspense!” Madame Sophelia purred.

“I realised how boring my life would be if i couldn’t understand cats.” Mary said.

“Very boring.” Madame Sophelia huffed.

Mary opened the can of tuna and Sophelia dug in with a refined swish of her tail…

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