I submitted my first assignment for this year. It was a 1000 word short story. It’s worth 25% of the unit mark. So I’m hoping I passed. I definitely need to work on imagery, description and characterization if I want to get published.

The next short story is 2,500 words. Its worth 45%. Which is hectic! I already wrote it a year or so ago. It was nearly 3000 words so I had to go through it and delete a few paragraphs.

Next week is a study break! I’m hoping to finish a module in MSP100 Managing your career (an external unit). I’ll read week 5 readings and finish the 4th book for EGL248 the novel. Transforming the real. Unfotunately in dont know what the real means. I’m hoping to start my first essay for EGL 248. Its due 12th of April. It has to be 1,500 words.

I will be trying to freewrite every day for at least 30 min and see what I come up with. I also might see if the pool is available (theres one on campus. did I mention i live on campus now?)

I might be seeing friends on Monday and have a meeting on Wednesday.

Please comment if youd like me to post more!

I might be publishing a short story soon on METIOR so stay tuned!

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I’m hoping to become a writer, playwright & novelist. I'm also considering becoming a Historian or librarian at this stage in life. I'm looking for opportunities in performance writing and publishing short stories in literary magazines. I study English and Creative Writing at university.